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Global Crafts - Batik Bone Chopsticks

Carefully carved from ethically sourced, natural cow-bone by Kenyan artisans. The bone is sanitized and highly polished, then batiked by placing wax on the white bone and dipping it in a dark brown/black dye, resulting in traditional African mud cloth patterns. Each piece is truly one of a kind. Chopsticks measure approximately 9 inches in length.  Due to the hand carved nature, actual size may vary slightly. Product features: Hand wash only. 2 piece set. Made in Kenya. Socially responsible product assortments that is empowering consumers to purchase according to their values and help alleviate poverty. Fair trade is so much more than a product assortment. It's about safe workplaces, fair wages + community investment for factory employees. Package includes: 1 set. Country of origin: Kenya. Materials: ethically hand made in Kenya.