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Bigger is Better and change is GOOD!

Our Black Home Candles are now housed in a premium weighted black glass vessel with 12 oz of vegan coconut soy wax with a new burn time of 80+ hours. 

About the Goddess Candle

Bring about Goddess energy with this addictive, exotic potent blend of white tea, jasmine & sandalwood. These beautifully elevated notes will help clear negative energy and focus your thoughts on the positive. 

Scent Notes: White Tea, Jasmine & Sandalwood

Ingredients: The Black Home Candles are made with a 100% renewable, eco-friendly soy coconut wax blend. Hand-poured in NYC, our candles are formulated without toxic paraffins and phthalates to avoid toxic carcinogens when burning.

Size: 12oz candle with 75+ hours of burn time.